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Are any of you BIC students because Baylor sent me a letter telling me that I should look into the program so if anyone can offer any advice or additional information, it would be appreciated! Thanks guys!
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Do NOT join the BIC!!! I was in it, and I know a large amount of the staff that teaches BIC classes. They teach you a little bit about a lot of things and nothing in depth about anything. If you want a well rounded education then just do the normal freshman classes. The BIC only equips you to be good for table conversation.
I don't think I've ever talked to anyone who really liked being in BIC, but I've been out almost two years and maybe everything's changed. I know at graduation I would ask people what their cords were for, and the BIC kids were the only ones who were embarrassed about theirs (but not all of them were embarrassed, just that no one was proud and most were embarrassed).
what were they embarrassed for? lol
Just that the program doesn't get much respect from those who aren't in it, and if you're going to be doing something other people don't appreciate, it might as well be something you like that is really worthwhile, and for the most part they don't feel that way. I should say didn't - I've been away since May 03. But there was a lot of apathy back in the day.